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Baby Sling

Baby Sling

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 -Appropriate to carry and nurse 0-6 months newborn baby.

- Take your baby in a safe and secure box.

- Comfortable both for parents and for the baby, the design promotes face-to-face contact. 

-Quilted shoulder strap with adjustable adjustable buckle. -Adjustable belt design, convenient to use and meet different needs. 

-The bag is elastic, soft, breathable, comfortable and practical.

 -Washable machine, easy to clean and store.

 -There are 3 types for you to choose.


 · Can improve the quality of the baby's sleep 

· Can make the baby's spine develop normally

 · Reduce baby's inhalation of excessive dust

 · Strengthen communication between baby and parents

 · Develop the linguistic capacity of the baby and promote the development of his brain 

v· Can be used as a replacement for the baby carriage to carry a baby to more places

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